Ekalipi meets Bollywood movies - Part 1
As you will see the Ekalipi script makes reading and singing allon with lyrics in any language very easy.
We present a Bollywood song written in Urdu ( alanguage many of us even some Urdu speakers) cannot read.
Ekalipi makes it easy  to sing along and pronounce the lyrics…even a person who cannot read or write the language.
Now you are thinking to yourself, how is that possible????

Visit the link below to see how Ekalipi makes it easy for you:


  1. Can I create my own videos like this one?

    1. Surely you can just know more about ekalipi script through our blogs and posts by following us on various social media platforms. This site's will give you an idea about ekalipi as it is very easy to learn it.
      And soon we are launching a new app to make it more simpler.
      to know more you can visit ekalipi.org


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