Ekalipi meets regional language movies - Part2
In the last post we showed you how Ekalipi works with unfamiliar scripts.
Now we are showing you how Ekalipi can be used even with languages that have sounds that even the Bollywood language (is it Hindi or Higlish) doesn't have. Hear Priyanka Chopra pronounce difficult sounds like  ळ and even च़.  In the subtitles you will see that Ekalipi has these character sounds too.

Hope this convinces you that one script, Ekalipi, can indeed support many languages.

Visit the link below to see how Ekalipi can help you songs with unfamiliar sounds in them:


  1. this look nice i want to learn this but can you tell me this in language and script

  2. Ya sure,
    this is Ekalipi script using which you can write any language to know more about it you can visit
    http://ekalipi.org/ and to try the script by yourself you can visit http://wikilipi.com/
    and for your information soon we are releasing an awesome app called Ekalipi Call announcer.


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